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Large and small corporate spaces always benefit from original artwork. The over all feel of the space directly effects the users within it. Original artwork can make people within the space feel more relaxed and at ease. Artwork can also inspire people and distract them from everyday worries, which is especially beneficial in a hospital setting. Large modern corporate and public spaces can be architecturally beautiful but cold in nature as it relates to the human perspective. Large modern abstract paintings can relate to and enhance the space or diametrically oppose the hard lines of the architecture and soften the geometry. From private service office space, hospitality to retail, the goal is to encourage a relaxed and positive engagement with the viewer through the artwork. Sweet Art Gallery has several seasoned contemporary artists that offer large original modern and abstract works suitable for a Corporate setting.

The Spheres of Primordial Awareness, 7.5 ftx 9.5 ft, acrylic on canvas, G.Miller

A View From The Northwest I,II,III-acrylic on canvas, 48x72 per panel, Mary Ann Flynn- Fouse

Tears From The Wall, 48x96 mixed media on canvas, Al Razza

Bubble Fusion IV, 48x60 mixed media resin composit on wood, Oleg Kulyk

Hidden Treasures, glass mixed media, 60x60 Dom-O-Nick

Inspiration, 80 x112 mixed media on wood and canvas, Nancy Iannitelli

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