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Internationally collected, award winning artist Abiezer Agudelo, 1964 Trujillo, Valle from Colombia is widely known for his strong and mysterious abstraction of the female form. Italian Master of Painting and Art Critic Enzo Neri describes the work " The mono dimensional space is exalted in strong colors even though his Colombia is always remaining in himself- one can see the sun and his land's heat". Agudelo is recognized for his painting and drawing figures that are ahead their time using the appearance of androgynous figures that eliminate the boundaries of genre in a universal and inclusive vision of human beings. Its two-dimensional work in pastel, oil ylpiz uses a loose stroke and firm hand which evoke the distinctive features of expressionism, which appeal more to the viewer than the technique. Perhaps that explains the preference shown by many collectors of Abiezer when acquiring works of art. Agudelo constantly experiments with the support of the work, all medium he uses contribute to the creation, joining as a whole. 

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