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I have always been interested in culture and it reflects in my art. My paintings are a slice of life past and present that tell a story. I am inspired by popular culture and try and focus on developing visual relationships and creating a dialog with iconic images, advertisements and objects and ideas. As I develop a montage of images a story emerges which invites the viewer to experience the tale. The creative process I use comes from my skill set and life experiences. I use vintage images and my own photos always choosing images that I connect with. I hope the viewer finds a connection that either evokes a feeling or thought. A universal connection is what I strive for. My art is a metaphor for life, the complexity of everyday life reveals that we are all simply human. I start with a digital underpainting, using a monotype process work the underpainting on to the panel. The paintings is then developed with acrylics and other painting materials. I employ various techniques ranging from  digital, photography to silkscreening, what ever the painting dictates.  My style can be referred to as New American/Pop Art. I am represented in Galleries throughout the US and my art is collected internationally. I hold a BS from the University of Vermont and then continued my studies at Plymouth State University in NH where I studied Graphic Design and Fine Art. I have lived and traveled around the world the Caribbean, Germany, Norway, USA and aboard a cruise ship.  I believe my diverse background has helped in my creative process creating my very unique style.

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