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Mary Ann began her career in the 1950's at Kent State University.  It was an exciting time to be an artist with visionaries like Pollack, DeKooning, Rothko and Motherwell doing paintings that would shift the center of the art world from Paris to New York City.  Their paint drips, gestural brushstrokes and glowing soft edged rectangles of luminscent color shook the established art world to its very core.

But the radical, avant-garde cache' of abstract expressionism appealed to Mary Ann Flynn Fouse.  Reflecting back on her nearly 60 year career as an abstract painter, Mary Ann calls her work "splashy, gestural coloramas",

 "It was certainly all about the energy of action painting; the immediacy of expression.  "I love the uniqueness, learning this new language of art and expressing the colors and shapes in my own individual way."


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