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"I feel so blessed to have found the way to express myself doing what I love most; projecting an image on a canvas or a wall, letting the universe taking control of my hands."


Fabienne's expertise reflects over a decade of experience in the art of decorative painting. She had a residential and commercial faux finish business for over 16 years. Whether creating or matching unique faux finishes, or duplicating intricate marbles and fine woods, Fabienne’s creativity and talent mark her as a true artisan. Born and raised in the south of France, Fabienne now resides with her family in Cape Coral, FL. Fabienne has always shown a passion for expressing herself scribbling on notebooks since young age. It would have taken 28 years for Fabienne to find that flame inside of her that would change her life. Making a living in the restaurant business for 8 years and working in one of the most prestigious hotels in Florence Italy, she realized that fine arts was her passion. Not long after, a young lady, Alix Duclos (French decorative interior architect) crossed her path and encouraged her to start taking few decorative painting classes. A hidden passion is blooming… It took another 8 years until she started her own business, Fabs Faux Finishes Inc. As the business is increasing yearly she developed an interest in working canvas, using different products rather than the traditional oil paint and acrylics. She started using different plasters, metallics and more products used in decorative painting.


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