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I grew up in Utica, NY, and as teen I spent countless hours after school at Munson William Proctor Art Institute. The Art Institute was a place to escape, a place I could loose myself in visual splendor. I believe my destiny has always been to draw and paint. For many years I painted realistic seascapes, landscapes and florals, but over time I became aware that creating art is a dynamic ever hanging process. I was searching for more than what my camera could see, so I began exploring abstraction. The process of simplifying and pushing the image to its basic component became an exciting process. For me the creative process never rests, and my need to experiment, explore and always ask "what if I ....?" has led me from abstraction to non-representational and unpredictable paintings. I love the process of painting, the challenge of pushing the design and the color, and then the delight of a finished painting. Today my art comes from past learning but always guided by intuition, from subliminal sources and an unconscious intuitive flow. And it comes from imbedded images of things in nature; an old painted door, gem/rock specimens, rain on windows and patterns in the shadows. But mood, color, design, line, shape, and composition are always in play in a delicate balance. My initial strokes and colors are totally random, big bold and free.. I want the viewer to be engaged, find something new each time they take a closer look, to find his or her own meaning or not find a meaning at all, but to simply enjoy.

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