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Jack Wilentz

Even though Jack Wilentz spent 43 years as a stock broker on the New York Stock Exchange floor, his passion for art has always been a guiding force in his life. His penchant for outdoors and local scenes are prevalent in his work. Jack's acrylic on canvas artworks and watercolors are displayed in various locations in Paris, France, New York City and private collections globally

Paintings commissioned by and sold to New York Stock Exchange as well as numerous commissions from private parties


Major Art Shows held at:

Gallery of Graphic Arts – New York, NY


Paintings displayed in:

Sir John Templeton’s Office – Nassau, Bahamas

Senator Charles Schumer’s office – New York, NY

Various congressional offices – Washington, D.C.

Various locations in Paris, France and in NY City, NY



  Preview Gallery- Click On The Painting To Pull Up Full Image




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