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Born in Castel di Lama, Province of Ascoli Piceno, Italy, Lorenzo moved to Rochester, New York when he was 18. He attended the University of Rochester where  he earned an MA Degree in Comparative Literature. He maintained a career as a language teacher and also worked as a translator and interpreter. Throughout, Lorenzo continued to pursue a lifelong interest in art producing a limited number of paintings and drawings. A few of his paintings are in the permanent collection of the ArteOn Museum in Castel di Lama while others are in private hands. "Recently, in Madrid, Spain, the art critic Joan Lluis Montane took an interest in my work, and as a result, wrote a brief but complimentary article entitled “Lorenzo Luciani: La cosmovision de la viabilidad de lo organico-humanista.” He lives and works in Rochester, NY, and whenever possible in his beloved native town.

"I’m aware of the limiting aspects of any definition, but I have no trouble, for instance, in accepting the widely-held notion that the function of Art is that of imposing unity and measure to a world often perceived as fragmented and protean. I also have no quarrel with those who view it as an expression of our human need to establish a nexus between the inner and the outer, the unfathomable within and the elusive reality. Furthermore I’m in tune with the idea that Art is ultimately an act of rebellion against the forces of a deriding determinism, man’s protest, if you will, against his inevitable fate. Above all, however, I view Art as the tangible expression of an intuitive lucidity, and as a mean to capture a moment in which man comes to terms with his world."- Lorenzo Luciani  

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