Caryl Gordon

"My paintings are abstract landscapes which I create intuitively or subliminally and do not represent any particular, recognizable place. It was Emile Zola who once said, “A work of art is a detail of nature seen through a temperament.” I imagine places not easily seen, such as areas underground, underwater, in outer space or even in cyberspace. I feel my work has a musical quality to it. Although I am frequently too intimidated to show rhythm by actually dancing or singing, I do have rhythm within me that I am not afraid to express in my paintings.  Color, texture, movement, resonance ...and ultimately drama…that is what I am after! Mixed media encaustics are my main focus. I paint with hot wax as well as use the wax as an adherent collaging handmade fiber paper, silk fabrics and Indian cottons into my compositions. Sometimes I photograph various surfaces and transfer bits and pieces of the photographs into my paintings. The ancient art of encaustic, going back to the Greeks and Romans, is now admired for its texture, luminosity and archival qualities.

My studio is at Pfamily Arts, a non-profit visual and performing arts center in Plano, Texas, where I am the resident artist. My work has been exhibited all over the country in galleries, museums and universities and can be currently seen at The Sweet Art Gallery in Naples, Florida, and at Galatea Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts."