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Joal was born in Nîmes, France, the famous Roman city of Provence, a place full of sun and surrounded with History.  Later on, in Morocco, the USA, then Spain, she got immerged in new and rich cultures, always in search of this light so present in her paintings.  JOAL received a classical training. She studied drawing at Barbizon, the watercolors in Lyon and painting at the Ecole des Beaux Arts of Nîmes. Since then, always looking for discoveries, she has explored a wide range of techniques

Her research and experimentation, and her passion for Cézanne, Kandinsky, de Kooning, Rothko, or Pollock, led her to focus, in a very personal way, on “glacis”, “drip painting” and collages.  She combines oil, pigments, acrylic and other materials, and applies them in a manner where the gesture competes with the choices of the colorist.

Her work is dynamic, joyous, optimistic and always generous.

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