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Samdi has exhibited internationally. Some venues include Kolektif 509, The MUPANAH, and the Mercedes Benz Showroom. Before becoming an artist he worked as a graphic designer with a prolific career. He won the Haiti tourism logo contest beating out an international body of designers. Many brand logos we see every day were designed by him during his time working at the top advertising agencies, Radio One, Haiti tourism, Marie Béliard, Sun Auto to name a few. He studied film directing at The New York film academy and has directed music videos for Haitian artist Niska, and RAM. He is a true creative. This new artistic path is only the natural evolution of this young creative.

"I create art as meditation, where I can search for the meanings of my experiences and those I see around me. As a study of what it is we are doing here in this life, the numerous moments and variations of mood or frequencies in which we operate. What is the meaning of this human experience. Most pieces I create through an organic process. Each stroke or layer of paint reveal the path to take. The times of day reflect light and shadow different areas exposing new lines. Through that journey I create something that not only brings peace and feeds my soul but also speaks to my experience in this life. Exposing the common thread that make each one of our experiences unique and the same. As it is for me the viewers experience is given meaning by his or her own experiences, this providing a unique perspective and story for what they see on the canvas. My intent is to challenge ideas and the way spaces, objects are experienced and question life’s purpose itself. question religion, prejudices, who we truly are. The fundamentals of logic do not exist in my process; and time is irrelevant. All that matters is the communion between the canvas and my true self. I can only hope that you feel compelled to go through this life experiencing every moment not just with your heart and eyes open but also your mind and spirit. And maybe for a moment feel the peace that comes when one is truly following their divine purpose"

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