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Since retiring from the business world in 2002, Mrs. McCracken has been pursuing her love of creating fine arts. Using a variety of mediums, her style connects impressionism, with its emphasis on bright color and the effect of light on the subject, to Asian brush painting and its emphasis on individual brush stroke and the symbolic representation of the subject. This adds the elements of asymmetry, spontaneity and sometimes even the unexpected to her work. She attended a workshop with Wolfe Kahn, and has studied privately with Jean Carbonetti, Anne Kullaf and Pat Butynski.  "I look at the world seeing pattern, texture and color in everything around me. My challenge is to translate what I see onto paper or canvas so that I can share my unique observation with others. Expression through choices of color, shape, line, brush stroke and medium allow me to show how I feel about a person, place or event. The creative endeavor is a process which is never satisfied or completed. The joy, for me, is in the journey itself…”

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