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 Salo'p - Ed Ryman (Rymanowski)

Born in upstate, New York

Salop lived most of his life in Europe. Salop attended the French Luminasitier of Aix en Provence, and Nice. While there he became influenced by Matisse, Derain, Ulaminck, Dufy, etc - the Fauvist School of Painting. He believes they left a legacy on which we must build, and continue in their tradition.

While in Italy he also was instructed in Italian stone sculpture. Salop’s work has a sophisticated use of color, pattern and composition. Concentrating on the female form, each piece has a unique approach to the timeless subject. Showings of his work in Saratoga, Chatham, Santa Barbara, etc. have led to many collections, including screen writer of "The Ten Commandments", "Samson and Delilah", etc., who is the son of Paramount Picture founder and lives in Beverly Hills and London.

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