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Lousiville Artist Trent Altman Receives International Award

Trent Altman Three time Award Winning International Artist from Louisville, KY returns home this week from Vancouver with his third global award. Altman represented his town, his state and the USA British Columbia and received the award for the Visual Arts category from the International Naturally Autistic People Awards, Convention & Festival. In April 2012, Altman received an award as his art was chosen for the United Nations Autism Awareness Stamp, 2012. One million stamps were made and sold around the world. An exhibition of Altman's art has been featured at St. Peter's Episcopal Church in Paris, KY.  

Altman's Art in Tow Galleries:

Sunshine Coast, Btritish Columbia-- 'Windows at the Water'

Naples' Florida-- The Sweet Art Gallery

Altman's Art to be used in S.O.S. Television Series and Movies.

Tammy Klein, actress, model, voiceover artist and partner in Canada's Space Opera Society (S.O.S), wants to use Trent's art in six original Sci-fi television programs and movie. The S.O.S. team includes legendary FX wizards as Martin Bower (Space: 1999, Galactica); renowned script-editor Christopher Penfold (Space: 1999 The Tripods, Midsomer Murders), Screenwriters Steve Warnek (StarTrek: Deep Space Nine), Gregory L Norris (Star Trek: Voyager), and Laura A. Van Vleet (Star Trek: Voyager)

  Preview Gallery- Click On The Painting To Pull Up Full Image




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