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Caryl Gordon- "Life is having knowledge and experience while allowing the unpredictable to reveal itself. I follow this uncertain path when surprises arise in my paintings, often leading to new ideas and new approaches in what I create. Borrowing from the techniques and processes I discovered in my previous 15 year adventure in printmaking, I now explore the medium of mixed media encaustic. I work in many layers and use different viscosities of wax- two of the ways making monoprints influences my painting; other influences include trial and error, action and reaction.  Combinations of geometric shapes and organic elements often result in aerial view abstract landscapes.  When looking down from an airplane, I see man-made buildings, bridges, roads, etc.  These translate into geometrics.  Mother nature's mountains, rivers, hills and valleys manifest as organics.  Sometimes I experience the geometrics as drum beats or heart beats, interrupting the flow of music. I am not rhythmic on the outside, but inside I am stomping and swaying to an invisible rhythm that emerges in my work.  I aspire to imagination, rhythm, emotional strength and drama in my mixed media encaustics, whether landscapes, dreamscapes or memoryscapes."

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