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Updated: Apr 25, 2023

When trying to find that one of a kind feature piece for an oversized wall don't be afraid to be bold and to make a statement. Very often an oversized modern space can house a large bold contemporary piece as the focal point of the room. A great piece can set the tone of the space bringing in thought provoking color and movement. Sweet Art Gallery has a thoughtfully curated collection of oversized pieces to help you fall in love with your oversized space. See some of the original paintings below or come into the gallery to see the entire the collection.

D1 60x60 mixed media on canvas by Al Razza

Aquatic Dream II, 72x72 acrylic on canvas by Guerra

River Strata, 72x72 acrylic on Canvas by Pat Forbes

Midnight Martini's, 84x42 acrylic on canvas, Kathleen Quinn-Leslie

Symphony 60x60 acrylic on canvas, Ingrid Cohen

The Spheres of Primordial Awareness, 7.5 ftx 9.5 ft, acrylic on canvas, G.Miller

Mosaic II, 64x64 acrylic on canvas, Pat Forbes

Stratous, 96x48 mixed media on canvas, Al Razza

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