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"New American Pop Art" by Artist Holly Manneck at the Sweet Art Gallery

A style phrase coined by Holly Manneck that merges technical and fine art aspects. Artist Holly Manneck uses her background in Social Work, painting and printmaking to create feminine works of pop imagery, history, color and design. The women she portrays have a quiet strength and power to them and the celebrity icons take on an element of whimsy as the are paraded with images of familiar commercial Icons. Holly has traveled extensively all over the world taking in culture and history while cataloging her experiences with her own photography. She slowly developed her objective artwork combining historical press photos with her own photography in a graphic arts style using acrylic medium. Her resulting works create a richly textured and colored graphic art dialog between the images. Manneck's work combines historical icons with modern day social media influences, crating a flow of Pop images that travel through the generations.

Under Control 48x48, acrylic, Holly Manneck

4 Fab Pop Stars, 48x48, acrylic, Holly Manneck

Oasis In Billings, 10x10, acrylic, Holly Manneck

Power Of The Purse, 60x30 acrylic, Holly Manneck

Paris Chanel 2, 24x48 acrylic, Holly Manneck

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