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Modern Indigo Blues

Clean and dramatic- Indigo, Black and White combinations are essentially timeless but always lend themselves to the Modern or Contemporary Abstract genres. Enjoy our Gallery showcase of five of our leading artists and their various creative interpretations of Modern Indigo Blues.

Heaven Sent, 48x60 acrylic on canvas, Mary Ann Flynn Fouse

Ode De Fluer, 48x60 acrylic on canvas, Nancy Iannitelli

Morning Glory, 36x48 acrylic on canvas, Nancy Iannitelli

Grafitti,V, 48x60 acrylic on canvas, Pat Forbes

Reclamation, 48x60 mixed media, Pat Forbes

Compact Blues, 60x60 mixed media, Al Razza

68 Events, 48x60 acrylic on canvas, Ingrid Cohen

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