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8y19, 8.5x11 oil on paper board, Clemente.JPG
8y19 Woman En Bleu, 8.5x11 oil on paper board, Clemente
Twiggy, 30x30 acrylic on canvas panel, Holly Manneck.JPG
       Twiggy, 30x30 mm on canvas/wood, Holly Manneck
Jolie Harris, Lotu Rising acrylic on canvas 60x48.jpg
Obsession With Line #1, 24x24 framed mm on canvas, Luba Drahosz.jpg
   Lotus Rising, 60x48 acrylic on canvas, Jolie Harris
    Obsession With Line #1,24x24 mm, Luba Drahosz
Glass Flowers, 30x24 mixed media on canvas, Phyllis Heller.jpg
 Glass flowers, 30x24 mm on canvas P. Heller
Front of Sweet Art Gallery.JPG
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