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New York New York, 60x72 mixed media on canvas, Holly Manneck- 15,000.jpg
   New York New York, 60x72 mm on canvas, H. Manneck
Ascending, 36 x36, Jolie Harris.jpeg
   Ascending, 36x36 mm on canvas, Jolie Harris
Field Of Flowers, 30x24 mm on canvas, Phyllis Heller.jpg
Y503 Three Graces Love Shining Through, 72x72 oil on canvas, Clemente Mimun.jpg
 Field Of Flowers, 30x24, mm canvas, Phyllis Heller
         Y503 Three Graces, 72x72 Clemente
 Remember, 28x22 acrylic on canvas, Salo'p
Front of Sweet Art Gallery.JPG
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