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The Marche's Appenines, 18x24 oil on canvas, Lorenzo Luciani.jpg
     The Marche's Appenines, 18x24 oil, Lorenzo Luciani
Summer Skies, 48x48 mm on canvas, Joal.jpg
        Summer Skies, 48x48 mm on canvas, Joal
Beach Ball, 60x48 mm on canvas wood, Holly Manneck.jpg
Still Life With Turquoise Vase, 17x14 mm on paper, Barbara Z. Lipman.jpg
No. 3 ,mixed media on canvas 74x65.5, Brenda Belfield.jpg
           Beach Ball, 60x48 mm canvas/wood, Holly Manneck          Still Life With Turquoise, 17x14 mm paper, Barbara Z. Lipman                       No. 3,  74x65 mm on canvas Brenda Belfield
Front of Sweet Art Gallery.JPG
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