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The Art Of Giving By Pop Golf Artist CR

Mixed media artist, CR, Christopher Robin, through his own vision of Forgotten Beauty: Found, continues the legacy and tradition of modern Pop Artists in his series POP ART GOLF.

Growing up in Columbus, Ohio, in the 1970s, CR experienced the original genius of Roy Lichtenstien’s “Brushstrokes in Flight.” An advocate for public art, CR successfully lobbied for its installation at the Columbus Airport, signifying the growth of an emerging city.

In New York, CR’s art exponentially grew. Emerging simultaneously with his fellow friend and artist, Peter Tunney, founder of Wynwood, CR fully engaged the New York art scene as it continued to be driving force in the growth of contemporary art in America.

Privately curated by Pratt Institute PHD Art Professor Scholar, Ernesto Pujol, CR’s work grew in scale and materials, transforming his works into mixed media assemblage. Exhibited at Neuberger Museum, Greenwich CT, Art Basel Miami & Switzerland to numerous international art fairs and exhibitions, CR’s works took on a global following.

Years later, CR would come to know and collaborate with Vito Giallo; Pop Art Icon and Founder, Andy Warhol’s first studio assistant and best friend. The two artists collaborated in their Brooklyn studios and townhouse. Based on CR’s mixed media assemblage vision, combining their talents, they created series of large-scale collages celebrating the found object.

Today, CR, working on the Gulf Coast, continues his vision of rescuing the found object in his POP ART GOLF: Legends and Legacy series.

These bold graphics based upon the iconic scratchboards of world-renowned sports artist, Anthony Ravielli, reveal CR’s original interpretation of the swings techniques, and art behind the game that has brought his family their greatest memories for over a century.

This series is dedicated to his father, Robin, who grew up walking the fairways of Scioto Country Club with best friend, Jack Nicklaus and to all golfers, young and old, who have come to embrace the spirit of the game.

Hung in museums, exhibited at internationally and housed in private and corporate collections throughout the world, the works of CR represent decades and a lifetime passion for history and the love of the found object.

CR Opening Reception at the Sweet Art Gallery, February 8th, 2020, from 5-8pm

Ben Hogan Pane Of Glass,52 x 72, original scratch board art on canvas, CR

Artist CR with “D” Diana Arpad, her husband Sheldon and Golfer Wine Purveyor Jan Stephenson

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