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The Creative Universe of Artist Trent Altman

Award winning Louisville, Kentucky artist Trent Altman, who is autistic, started painting at age 24. He paints expressionistic abstract art using acrylics and mixed media. His inspiration is nature, travel and painting outdoors when the weather permits. His work displays an emphasis and commitment to the art making process. There is a freedom of movement and energy that radiates through the multiple methods of applying paint and collage materials. Art professor Yvonne Mikulencak wrote: "Altman's work is strong on the physical texture of paint and objects by conforming them to his world. He combines what many artists in the past used on a singular basis. With elements of Impressionism transformed into Cubism, Altman's works translate the imaginative form of Watteau's metaphysical world". In 2012, Altman's painting "Abstract Garden II", was chosen by the United Nations for a stamp. One million were printed and sold around the world to raise global awareness about autism. Trent Altman continues to work at his studio in Kentucky and evolve his process, creating his own small universe within a world of chaos and uncertainty. View Trent Altman's collection at the Sweet Art Gallery. Explore a virtual tour of work by Trent Altman, St James Art Show,

Inspiration With Sensitivity, 30x27 mixed media, Trent Altman

Stunning Cliff Over Seaway, mixed media 24x30, Trent Altman

Waterfront Oasis, 36x27 mixed media on canvas, Trent Altman

A Flower Jubilee-15cv031, 17 x 17 framed, mixed media, T. Altman

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