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Giving Thanks

The Sweet Art Gallery recently lost two of its contributing artists and friends of the gallery. Pop Artist Armand Verrier and Photographer Jack Megela. Both of these artists had a unique creative voice and both transcended the norms of their prospective fields. Two dedicated Artists we lost too soon, but at least we have the beauty they both left behind for us to enjoy and for that we Give Thanks.

Armand Verrier with his puzzle piece creations of Pop and Color, tribute pieces to 20th century icons and nature images, delighted the viewer. The joy in his pieces were an extension of the artist himself- whimsical and fun, Armand was always seen with a smile on his face. He designed and created with an exuberance that was inspiring.

Cracking Up 32x42 Armand Verrier

Jerry Garcia, 13x13 Armand Verrier

Cross Roads, 3 panel 36x18, 30x30, 36x18, mixed media resin on wood, Armand Verrier

Photographer Jack Megela traveled America to capture images that would translate the quiet magnificence of Nature as he saw it. Not only was he a master of the Great Landscape but he also pushed the boundaries of the artistic photo process creating pieces which crossed the border between photography and painting. Jack's creative eye was nurtured by his drive to capture beauty and tranquility after a life of public service as a dedicated law enforcement officer. After 23 years of using his camera as a tool to document tragedy and crisis in his field as a Detective, Jack pursued the study of Photography at Kent State University. The seriousness of his past career was counter to Jack Megela the person and photographer. Jack was light hearted and funny. He was excited about sharing his vision of the natural world and creative photographic images with the general public and collectors alike.

Fish Eye View, Jack Megela

Tropical Heat, 48x48 Jack Megela

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