Carol Ordemann


My artistic philosophy and creativity are shaped by the funky charm and rich history of my hometown, New Orleans, and my belief in the mind-body connection. Every aspect of New Orleans is embedded with color, from its neighborhoods to its cuisine to its music and art-lined streets. My upbringing in this cultural hub and my passion for exercise and health inspire me to create art that is not only a visual experience, but also physical and mental.


I have no rules when I am painting so that my energy, imagination, and joie de vivre are not stifled; this freedom is manifested through the vibrancy of my artwork. I begin by creating shapes with graphite and ink, then progress through the color palette, allowing my creation to develop a personality of its own. I combine geometrics with abstractions to generate open and closed spaces, and I focus on complementing colors with depth and contrast. I form layers and engage the senses using unique combinations of sprays, acrylics, oils, textures, collage, and fabrics. After unlimited revisions, my work is complete when it looks and feels balanced in color and composition. In this way, my artwork mimics life through its chaos and harmony.