The Contemporary Art Of Luba Drahosz At The Sweet Art Gallery

August 1, 2018

Luba Drahosz in her own words-


"I love the process of painting, the challenge of pushing the design and the color, and then the delight of a finished painting.  Today my art comes from past learning but always guided by intuition, from subliminal sources and an unconscious intuitive flow. It comes from imbedded images of things in nature; an old painted door, gem/rock specimens, rain on windows and patterns in the shadows. Mood, color, design, line, shape, and composition are always in play in a delicate balance.  My initial strokes and colors are totally random, big bold and free.  Later I start looking for patterns or interesting shapes and I start pushing the design and color always looking for a pleasing combination of shape and colors.  This process may take days of analyzing looking for what the painting needs or what it doesn't need, what can I add or subtract?  Sometimes I destroy 90 percent of the painting and restart from one simple shape. This is not in vain ,,, because the energy of the initial marks or strokes are still there and often show through.  Not everything can be seen at a distance.  I want the viewer to be drawn into the image and discover the many hidden nuances.  I still love to draw so I use a lot of line and I call it the finishing touches, the lipstick and jewelry, if you will, those final touches that say I'm ready for the world.  I want the viewer to be engaged, find something new each time they take a closer look, to find his or her own meaning or not find a meaning at all, but to simply enjoy. "


Journey Over The Deep Blue, L. Drahosz, acrylic on canvas 90x78

A Bottle Of Red, 52x80, acrylic on canvas, L. Drahosz

Dancing On The Water, 53x79, acrylic on canvas, L. Drahosz

Dancing The Hopak, 2 panel 96x48 acrylic on canvas, L. Drahosz

Journey To The Beginning, 80x80, acrylic on canvas L. Drahosz




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