Clemente Mimun- new work at the Sweet Art Gallery

June 21, 2018

New releases from Clemente's "Y" Series 


What is The "Y" Series?-


Clemente's "Y" Series emerged from his Mediterranean culture and was crystallized by Claude Debussy's music. His compositions are a harmonious juxtaposition of free flowing form with geometric shapes, mingling with primary colors contained in their natural borders. Clemente has revived his simple statement to engage the interest of the viewer with energetic color and form. He believes that the movement of the painting is the base for launching the viewer's imagination to create his or her own interpretation.


How does Clemente approach his work?-


A self-proclaimed “observer,” Clemente chooses to elicit an intellectual formula for his subject matter that he describes through a hierarchy of interpersonal understanding:


On the first level, Clemente strives to expose one’s isolation from the rest of the world and the inevitable “antagonistic possession” that lies in our relationships therein.  The second level involves an attempt to communicate to resolve this antagonism – not through the complexity of words, but through the simplicity of symbolism.  The third level is reconciliation – a resolution to consume and accept a peaceful coexistence.  In other words, the artist states:  “Why not say it with flowers?”


8Y18, 16x20, OFB, Clemente


7Y18, 8.5x11, OFB, Clemente


Y205, 20x20, OC, Clemente


Y204, 20x20 OC Clemente





Y415, 9x13, OB, Clemente








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