Color Sweet Color- The Role Of Original Modern Art in Contemporary Design

June 12, 2017

Modern and contemporary design with it's clean lines and neutral backgrounds is here to stay. Technology plays a large roll now in its integration into modern design as is seen in the design magazines. Sometimes the technology becomes the center of attention in the design but it is mainly for the articles and advertising. Color through original abstract and contemporary art is an ideal way to personalize and enliven modern interior design. Well done original art ads layers of dimension and complexity to any of the grays, blue grays and neutrals. The current Modern design climate has existed before, we would never have enjoyed and accepted the iconic images of our great Contemporary artists of the 19th and 20th centuries if we only designed in monochromatic color ways to match paint and background materials. Selecting artwork for your modern dwelling should be an enjoyable exploration into color, texture, geometry and fractured imagery- intellectual and stimulating. Start by exploring museums and galleries and find out what captures your imagination and be bold!









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