New Collection By Contemporary Artist Nancy Iannitelli At The Sweet Art Gallery- in her own words

May 11, 2017

As an artist I have evolved and accept the changes that we all live with each day in our lives. I compare myself to that of an oak tree that is planted and grew into its roots where I grew up in New England. The climate is unpredictable and each season brings beauty. Beautiful strong vibrant green leaves begin to turn colors, from green to red, orange, yellow and eventually brown before falling, then back to green again. Art is like a fairy tale of events, this is how I express myself in my art.


My latest work is not magic but from and through my eyes of the ever changing earth. Calm waters, erupting seas, a rainbow of color, a dancing butterfly, the intensity of the wind and a mystical spirit that engulfs our souls. Its the "Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle as he explains in his book.

Living that moment with a brush in my hand a large canvas and the creation begins. Without change life would be boring. My work continues to change for that reason. 


This has been an inspirational time in my Art career. I live with my dog Simba who keeps me on my toes and memories of days gone by. Living alone but I never feel alone in my studio sharing the open space with three large windows with southern exposure placed high giving me lots of wall space and  bringing in light from the sun and glorious moon. Who wouldn't be inspired with these gifts to be grateful for. 


Artist Nancy Iannitelli

born 1950 in Massachusettes









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