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New Artwork from Contemporary Colombian Artist Abiezer Agudelo at the Sweet Art Gallery

We invite you to the Sweet Art Gallery to view new works form this extraordinary, contemporary artist Abiezer Agudelo.

Colombian artist Abiezer Agudelo from Trujillo, Valle, Colombia has a sustained track record in the regional events of his native country. In the national salon of Visual Arts, (1985) South Central, he won the fifth prize for his Naked and floating works, paintings and drawings working in his characteristic style. He also won first prize in the 37 Regional Salon of Artists 1997.

Agudelo is recognized for his painting and drawing figures that are ahead of time. He plays with the phenomena of androgyny and figures that eliminate the boundaries of genre in a universal and inclusive vision of human beings. Evidence of how the painting goes beyond the local scope in pioneering fashion reveal that, despite being temporary, they realize the power of the visionary artist. Its two-dimensional work in oil pastel and oils, uses a loose stroke and firm hand which evoke the distinctive features of expressionism, His goal is to appeal more to the effect on the viewer than the expression of the technique. Perhaps that explains the preference shown by many collectors of Abiezer when acquiring his works of art. Agudelo constantly experiments with the support of the work, which includes all of the materials as they contribute to the creation, joining it as a whole. The constant evolution of his work and its interpretation of the environment and art movements born out of the canon of tradition, make proposals that reflect the sentiments of the collective unconscious.( Note: Parts of this description of Abiezer Agudelo has been translated from a Colombian publication describing the artist)

XXV, mixed media on canvas 38x57, Abiezer

XIX,38x57 mixed media on canvas, Abiezer

XV, mixed media on canvas, 38x57, Abiezer

II, 28x38 mixed media on canvas, Abiezer

Invitacion En Placidez De Imagen, mixed media,38x58 Abiezer Agudelo

VI, mixed media 28x38, Abiezer Agudelo

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