Nancy Iannitelli


"As an artist my varied skill-set is “eclectic”. I create mixed media using oils and acrylic paints. In my portfolio for the last 10 years, the vigor has skyrocketed with works of Abstract Impressionism, motivated by a new found artistic freedom. I use every bit of knowledge I have learned in schools, from mentors and the old masters. I began portrait and realism painting at a young age. The defiance of which I now speak is not in the choosing of the paintbrush per se, but in the motivating force which finally has allowed me to drive my artistry. At this time in my life, I’ve not let anyone get in the way. Now I paint only to express my inner spirituality and given talent. I hope that upon seeing my latest works, viewers are drawn to let their own minds wander, using their imaginations to discover what they may or may not see. There is an energy guides and connects me to create a statement which can only come from within."