Franz Fox

Franz Fox was born on the island of Cuba under the Batista Regime.  Born in Holguin, he was the son of a prominent Havana attorney. After the Castro government came into power, several uprisings resulted in immediate family members being jailed for defiance of the communist government.  Soon thereafter, Fox’s family migrated to the US, just before the Cuban missile crisis.

During his travels to England, France, Italy, Spain, and Holland, Franz perfected his art through his studies of landscape and architecture.  He studied painting in Paris, France and Malaga, Spain.  His formal education is in architecture which gives him a unique mastery of perspective and spatialit

 My paintings focus on abstraction and a new body of work that I have been perfecting over my lifetime.  I have coined this body of work Neoplasticity.  It is in the movement of psychic automatism, which gives priority to the process, emphasizing impulse over premeditated composition.  This involves the introduction of a main figural element as subject matter, painted with oils or acrylics, and fine detail added with pen and ink, creating a sense of shadow and movement, with hidden figures and symbols.  My work is inspired by imagination, expression and feeling and is not a product of recreated reality.