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Born in Havana, Cuba, Fidel came to the United States in 1968 at the age of 9 on the freedom flights.  He began working with his uncle in the marble industry in, and has worked with stone for 40 years, including 4 years with Enzo Gallo, renowned sculptor.

Aguiar's love for the arts continues to inspire him to work with other mediums.  His love for vibrant and bold colors, have lead him to abstract paintings,mostly acrylic on canvas pieces.

"I have no limitations or fear when I apply paint to canvas. When I start to paint, I have no idea of the outcome, but as paint starts to be applied, colorful images begin to evolve.  The process of creating abstract paintings has become another passion for me as I continue to develop as a multi-media artist." 


  Preview Gallery- Click On The Painting To Pull Up Full Image




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