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Dennis Elliott

Having turned wood for over 40 years Dennis is pleased to have his work in over a dozen Museum collections including a Wall Sculpture on view indefinitely at the The Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Other museum collections include The Museum of Arts & Design formerly the American Craft Museum and The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and others. His lathe turned and carved one-of-a-kind Wall Sculptures and Vessels have also been featured in numerous magazines & books and he did a live chat in America Online’s Globe Auditorium in September 1997.In creating music, you’re creating out of thin air. There’s no material that you’re working with when you begin. When you’re working with a solid object like a piece of a tree, you can only do it once. The responsibility is therefore greater than creating a new song which can be wiped out and started again.


- Dennis Elliott Sculptor and former drummer for Foreigner

  Preview Gallery- Click On The Painting To Pull Up Full Image




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